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Rivers, mountain stars, zodiacal light and the Milky Way on a beautiful blue night in New

Dating Made Easy

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Seventh heaven within reach


is the most


astrologically based

dating app

that uses  ayurvedic matchmaking 

to help you connect

with a

compatible partner.

Backed by centuries-old methodologies,

the app

lets you tap into the timeless intelligence of the universe

to discover your

vedic counterpart

with traits

that best support yours. 



Find your soulmate

Ayurvedic matchmaking

takes into account

the full spectrum of

mental, physical and emotional characteristics

of the different constitution types,

as well as the astrological impact

on the individual.

In addition to providing a practical system for assessing compatibility,

this app provides

tips and advice

that will help the couple to care

for each other and avoid friction

in the relationship.

How does ayurveda work?

Ayurveda uses the system of doshas.

Unique combinations of the various doshic features exist, and the careful analysis of each individual's constitutional type is an excellent basis for judging whether a pair is compatible.
Red flags can be raised from the start.


Take the Vata type for example.

A Vata person can be extremely talkative, so it is very unlikely that two such types can coexist in harmony.
Pitta types are sometimes quick to anger and Kapha types can be possessive.
Two people with similar traits, living together is clearly a recipe for trouble.
In general, active mixed with passive produces

a better match.

In case a match has been found,

the balance of these energies will be described

in a generated report.

Aditionally a heart rating will be used to rate various zodiac traits like loyalty or stubbornness.

Rivers, mountain stars, zodiacal light and the Milky Way on a beautiful blue night in New

Swipe profiles with visible western zodiac sign and traits 

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