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A worldly separation inspired me to make this app.

Western zodiac signs are split up in 4 groups:

earth (virgo, capricorn, taurus)

air (libra, gemmini, aquarius)

water (cancer, scorpio, pisces)

fire (aries, leo, sagittarius)

In chosing a partner, it is only logical to choose a  sign that is natural complementiary.

Fire breathes air.

Water nourishes earth.

By implementing this priciple in chosing a partner

the relationship is more balanced.

Many people fail to see

who they really are

and let life overwhelm them

 by making bad choices.

Not knowing

a bad choice can haunt you for life

and make your days long, dark and meaningless.

My hope

for people is to motivate

them in making

a good decision

 and give someone the

love they deserve

by finding a partner that

is fully compatible with

their zodiac traits.








company initiative

since 2022

Zodiac Match


Horoscope astrology zodiac illustration with happy couple.jpg


It came clear to me

on current dating applications,

a match was

fairly easy to make.



many people could not find a partner that

fits their needs.

Often the relationship stranded

with much heartache

for both sides.

Schermopname (212).png

Mission Statement

Karma is passed onto kids.

Having kids

with the right partner diminishes global karma,


in a more

balanced and loving



My mission

and the purpose

of this app is to bring

complementairy souls together

and build a prosperous world with less struggle.

Choose Wisely

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